Payroll Management

Efficient payroll management forms the foundation for a positive social atmosphere. At Skéliade we are driven by this principle as we assist you. Our services include clarification of pay rules and aligning payroll regulations, digitizing processes, constructing and automating your reporting, and ensuring ongoing legal compliance. Explore our comprehensive payroll management solutions today.


Human Resources

We are dedicated to partnering with you to enhance your HR practices. Our approach is firmly focused on practicality and education. Whether you aim to transform your internal regulations into a powerful tool, conduct practice audits, or simply need daily support, we invite you to join us!  !

Risk Prevention

We provide a cutting-edge digital solution, unmatched in the market, to help you fulfil your moral and legal security obligations and proactively influence your employees’ behaviour in a straightforward and trackable manner. Would you be interested in a live demonstration?


HR Digitalization

Enhance the lives of your employees and boost your company’s image and profitability with user-friendly SaaS tools.

Our services include leave and absence management, personnel file administration, interview coordination, payroll preparation, and risk management and prevention.


Specific missions

We provide high-value, one-off missions tailored to your needs, including: Integrating the conditions of the Social Employment Plan into your payroll rules, Managing your Social Employment Plan, Conducting a comprehensive audit of your payroll regulations, Drafting customized payroll regulations, Performing a social compliance audit, Validating your managers’ situations regarding unemployment insurance.

Foreign Companies

We provide foreign companies employing personnel in France with a comprehensive solution, uniting a team of English-speaking professionals who collaborate seamlessly to address all your HR, legal, and tax concerns.

Our mindset

• Our approach is marked by a dedication to professionalism, precision, and thoroughness, all while maintaining a light-hearted spirit. We believe in the significance of meaningful work without losing sight of the value of a sense of humour.


• Our client-centric approach is focused on ensuring that clients have a clear understanding of the challenges they face and empowering them to choose solutions that align with their risk tolerance, ethical principles, and practical implementation needs.


• We take pride in being integral contributors to a company's value chain, providing pragmatic, genuinely useful, and perfectly tailored solutions.


• Our work is marked by serenity, a willingness to step back when needed, and a focus on establishing stability.


• We continuously strive to strike a balance between safety and efficiency, advocating for the company's interests while upholding respect for individuals and fostering social cohesion.


• Above all, we always remember that behind every pay slip and every file, there are people, both women and men.

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